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Photo from 2009 shows a worker at a Family Dollar in Charlotte. Photo: Nancy Pierce

Jobs in Charlotte? Numbers change, district to district

Since jobs are a good indicator of economic health, UNC Charlotte Urban Institute demographers decided to use the Quality of Life dashboard data to see whether jobs are spread evenly, per capita, across the city’s seven Charlotte City Council districts. What did we find?

  • How laws, regulations cleaned our air

    Beginning with the 1970 Clean Air Act, government laws and regulations have helped improve the air we breathe. Here’s a quick history of some of the most important measures.
  • Winning strategy for air quality? City design

    What’s the state of air quality in Mecklenburg County today? A discussion with Brian Magi, a UNC Charlotte academic who studies air pollution.
  • Revering the Presence

    Trees do so much more for us than provide a romantic notion, exemplifying human experiences, tragedy, triumph and the seasons of life. An essay from photographer Linda Foard Roberts.
  • These trees are the champions

    In a city that loves its trees, some stout survivors have won a special, statewide honor: Champion Trees.

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