An economically healthy metropolitan region needs a vibrant urban core as well as strong suburban and rural communities. The institute offers articles and research on a variety of economic topics.

Articles about economic topics

  • For our future: Make Charlotte a welcoming city

    We are finally seeing the long-awaited economic recovery slowly build momentum in the Charlotte region. What can we do to better position our area for sustained economic growth and positive change? We must work to actively attract capital, entrepreneurs, and innovators from around the world. (Photo: Mary Newsom)
  • N.C. tax reforms: 1921, 1933 and maybe 2013

    As N.C. legislators debate whether or how to reform the state’s tax system, it’s worth taking a look at the principles that should underlie any sound taxation system – and at how two key proposals for change stack up against those principles. (Photo: John Chesser)
  • The N.C. legislative building, Raleigh, N.C. Photo: Jmturner via Wikimedia Commons

    N.C. unemployment benefits take a dramatic hit

    Recently approved unemployment benefit changes in N.C. are structured in a way that will cause additional federal cuts to kick in – reducing by 74 percent the maximum number of weeks that jobless North Carolinians can receive unemployment checks. (Photo:Jmturner via Wikimedia Commons)