The Charlotte metropolitan region’s future depends on the health of its natural and built environment, from tree canopies to preserved natural areas to sound land use planning and urban design. The institute offers articles and research on a variety of environmental topics.

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Articles about environmental topics

  • Chain wrapped around a cedar trunk

    How to save a girdled tree

    I saw it coming. Every time I saw the cable wrapped around that oak, I’d throw up my hands and think, “Too late now!” The oak slowly succumbed to strangulation. Last spring, it didn’t leaf out. Now, poison ivy creeps up the trunk, hiding my shame.
  • Parks not keeping pace with Charlotte growth

    Moving back to Charlotte after 10 years away, I noticed changes in Latta Park. Were my memories idealized? Had it always looked like this? Or had it been neglected in my absence? Commentary.
  • A golden-hued clump of bees, a swarm, cling to a willow oak tree in Charlotte. Photo: Ruth Ann Grissom

    Why are those bees swarming?

    On the drab trunk of a single willow oak, one of many lining the street, my eye landed on a large, oblong cluster, golden against the mouse-brown bark.
  • On the hunt for champion trees

    A hunt for big trees turned up a national champion longleaf pine in an out-of-the-way spot in North Carolina.