Social well-being

From health to housing to education, the institute offers articles and research on a variety of issues affecting social well-being in the 14-county Charlotte region.

Articles about social well-being topics

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    Good cop or bad cop? #BlackLivesMatter or #AllLivesMatter?

    What’s going on in our nation? Why? And what can we do about any of it? Although most of our systems aspire to fairness, racial disproportionality occurs across all systems, including education, child welfare, health care, housing, employment, banking and finance, and the justice system.
  • Ashton apartments in South End. Photo: David Walters

    In Charlotte housing debate, let’s look at underlying factors

    For decades, the complex challenge of housing low-income Charlotteans has inspired studies, public debate, policy changes and other actions.This essay traces how the challenges—and responses to them—have changed, and what the future might bring. Commentary.
  • CMS students, 2009. Photo: Nancy pierce

    Addressing the opportunity gap for Charlotte’s children

    Large trends  – income inequality, increasing economic segregation – are making it hard for people in poverty to realize the American Dream by working hard and climbing the ladder. In a Q/A interview, civic engagement expert Robert Putnam discusses the effect on children. 
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    Report: More collaboration would improve services to elderly

    A year-long study of the needs of Mecklenburg County’s elderly population found the county’s approach to older adults should focus on stronger and longer-term planning, supported by stronger collaboration among service providers.