Social well-being

From health to housing to education, the institute offers articles and research on a variety of issues affecting social well-being in the 14-county Charlotte region.

Articles about social well-being topics

  • Michella Palmer with the Urban Ministry Center conducting a survey for the homeless count in Charlotte.  Photo: Mary Gaertner

    Defining home: Charlotte counts the homeless

    On Jan. 29, Charlotte and Mecklenburg County attempted to get a count of all the people in the community who were homeless that night. As a volunteer in this effort, I was forced to reflect on my own definition of home. (Photo:  Mary Gaertner)
  • Will Americans continue to be suburban creatures?

    The question is widely debated among experts and in the press. Do surveys showing more preference for walkable, in-town neighborhoods measure a fleeting fad, or portend the end of suburbia? A UNC Charlotte geographer looks deeper. (Photo: Nancy Pierce)
  • Quality of Life Dashboard: Find your neighborhood

    The new Quality of Life Dashboard is designed to assess the health of neighborhoods in Charlotte-Mecklenburg. Users of previous reports were familiar with the old neighborhood names, so we created some tools to help you find your neighborhood in the new system.
  • Education: Focused efforts start with understanding

    How does an organization like United Way know whether its work is making a difference? Benchmarking is key to answering this question, and new research provides a foundation for these efforts in the Charlotte region.