Anson County

Learn about the county and its relationship to the region.

Articles about Anson County

  • A juvenile wood stork sits atop a dead tree in a marshy area in Anson County. Photo: Crystal Cockman

    A native stork – heading north?

    North America’s only stork, the wood stork, has been spotted in Anson County, once thought to be out of its natural range. Habitat loss, pesticides, invasive plants and pythons threaten the species.
  • Sketch of a Rosenwald community school. Photo:

    George E. Davis – Rosenwald agent extraordinaire

    Charlotte's George E. Davis, a tireless advocate for education and one of the leading advocates for the building of Rosenwald schools, was a major reason that a number of these schools were built in North Carolina.
  • Historic Rosenwald School in Newell. Photo: Silver Star

    Aging Rosenwald Schools recall long-ago optimism

    Only a fraction of the Rosenwald Schools remain, reminders of a remarkable early 20th-century partnership of rural black communities in the South and a Jewish philanthropist from Chicago. Those remaining in Mecklenburg range from lovingly restored to painfully dilapidated.
  • Tundra swan - Photo: Ron Clark

    The addictive allure of bird-watching

    The annual Audubon Christmas Bird Count gives citizen scientists a chance to assist in research, and the formal bird count at the Pee Dee National Wildlife Refute offers the opportunity to see tundra swans, among other waterfowl.