United Way of Central Carolinas Releases Needs Assessment Full Report

Just over a year ago, the United Way of Central Carolinas (UWCC) partnered with the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute to conduct a region-wide community needs assessment.  The Executive Summary of the report for this study was released online and at community meetings several weeks ago, and now the full report  is available for review.

Since the completion of the report in May, UWCC and the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute have held several meetings to inform the greater community about the findings and recommendations from the study. Presentations were made to top CEOs in Mecklenburg County, the United Way Board of Directors, and the Charlotte Mecklenburg Community Cabinet.  Additional presentations were made in Union County, Mecklenburg County, and the Lake Norman-Mooresville area to agency heads, community stakeholders and study participants.  The next presentation is scheduled for Wednesday June 29th in Cabarrus County, rounding out the UWCC region. 

Following this final presentation, the partnership between UWCC and the Institute will continue  building upon the findings of the needs assessment.  Data presented in the report will be kept up-to-date online on UWCC’s portal page on the Institute’s new Charlotte Regional Indicators website, which will go live soon. Also, additional panel meetings will be held over the course of the following year to get feedback on strategies UWCC develops in response to recommendations of the study.  In Union and Cabarrus counties expert panels will be convened to make recommendations, based on the study, that are specific to those counties.

This report is one of the initiatives UWCC is undertaking to address the needs in our region.  UWCC will continue to address community needs in the most effective way possible through research and agency support in the coming years.

View the full report 
Link to information about the report on the United Way for Central Carolinas website

-- Linda Shipley and Claire Apaliski