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Directions to campus

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Where on campus is the institute?

The institute is in Colvard South, highlighted in the map above. The main office is in room 1048A. From the main entrance to the campus off N.C. 49 (University City Boulevard) follow Broadrick Boulevard, straight through the roundabout, until the road ends at the statue of the miner panning for gold. At that stop sign, turn left onto University Road. Following the signs to Visitor Parking. Turn right and then left to access the Cone Visitor Parking deck (upper level of deck). Once parked, take the pedestrian crossover, then proceed down the steps and walk back toward the lake you passed on Broadrick Boulevard.

Colvard South is the building facing the lake. The entrance to the institute faces the lake. After entering, turn left down the hallway.

Contact information

Colvard South 1048A
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28223

Institute staff
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Fax: 704-687-5327