Crystal Cockman


Crystal Cockman is director of conservation for Three Rivers Land Trust, formerly The LandTrust for Central North Carolina, which focuses focus primarily on land protection and stewardship in the Uwharrie Region. In her free time she enjoys backpacking, hiking, reading, flyfishing, and pretty much anything outdoors.


Bachelor of science and master of environmental management graduate of Duke University.


Environment, land protection, Uwharries.

Stories by Crystal Cockman

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They only live a few days, so consider yourself fortunate if you have a chance encounter this striking and beautiful creature.

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The ancient bowfin – a unique fish

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Listen to a guided tour of the Uwharrie Trail

A smart phone now makes it possible to have a guided tour of local nature and history as you hike the Uwharrie Trail. (Image: The Land Trust for Central North Carolina)

Freshwater mussels: tiny hitchhikers

North America has the highest diversity of mussels in the world. Mussels depend on host fish for reproduction, so they are also indicators of fish species health. (Photo: Crystal Cockman)