Ely Portillo

UNC Charlotte Urban Institute
Assistant Director of Outreach & Strategic Partnerships
Sycamore 310-G

Stories by Ely Portillo

Second Gambrell Faculty Fellows cohort explores economic mobility

Five faculty research teams have been selected for the second cohort of the Gambrell Faculty Fellows...

Can the city, county work together to solve transportation issues?

“We cannot do this individually. If we try to attack these problems in our own lanes only, we will only succeed at failing.”

The coronavirus is starting to reshape transit in Charlotte

In the sixth month of the U.S. coronavirus pandemic, few sectors of the economy or local government services have been hit as hard as transportation and transit.

Three new approaches to historic preservation in Charlotte

A shiny new skyline, a “New South” city, 150,000 new residents since in the last decade — however people describe Charlotte, the word “new” always seems to be one of the first on their tongues. That...

Here’s what other Sunbelt cities can show Charlotte about transit funding

With plans for the 26-mile Silver Line light rail, possible Blue Line extensions, the Gold Line streetcar and more moving forward, there’s a looming question in Charlotte: How will we pay for all of...