Ely Portillo

Ely Portillo
UNC Charlotte Urban Institute
Assistant Director of Outreach & Strategic Partnerships
Sycamore 310-G

Stories by Ely Portillo

Making the development process more accessible

“I had no idea they were building that there.”

Charlotte expands bus rapid transit to a new corridor

Charlotte City Council voted Tuesday to expand a pilot program for bus-only lanes onto a second, longer stretch of local roadway, in what could be a model for a more extensive reworking of the...

Second Gambrell Faculty Fellows cohort explores economic mobility

Five faculty research teams have been selected for the second cohort of the Gambrell Faculty Fellows...

Can the city, county work together to solve transportation issues?

“We cannot do this individually. If we try to attack these problems in our own lanes only, we will only succeed at failing.”

The coronavirus is starting to reshape transit in Charlotte

In the sixth month of the U.S. coronavirus pandemic, few sectors of the economy or local government services have been hit as hard as transportation and transit.