Jody Pressley

UNC Charlotte Urban Institute


Jody has spent over 15 years with the UNC-Charlotte Urban Institute working with the School Services Division.  During this time, she has been an IT Tech Support Analyst working on a variety of special projects for the NC Public Schools computerized bus routing program.  Each NC school district is provided this software (known as TIMS), as a tool to efficiently route public school buses.  Jody teaches classes and assists school districts with database maintenance; data collection; routing and scheduling; personnel requirements; automation of procedures; hardware availability and application; communication environments; optimization modules; and implementation of special projects.

Jody also coordinates the annual spring TIMS conference to coordinate conference logistics, handout preparations, teach sessions, and coordinate panel discussions for this annual conference and other large meetings associated with the school bus personnel in NC.  Jody brings years of experience and expertise to any project we take on and deals with a wide range of organizational structures outside the University. 


Educational background:  ECPI, specialized computer course work at Central Piedmont Community College, GIS specialized training with ESRI



    Aug 19, 2015
    As most N.C. public school students head to school for 2015-16, some 13,000 school buses are readying to travel some 180 million miles across the state. How lengthy is the average ride in your school district? How long are the longest rides? The shortest? Our maps tell the story.
    Aug 21, 2014
    It is no small task to get the school bus to your neighborhood each day. Planning starts in March for most North Carolina school districts to open school in August. (Photo: NCDPI)