Ruth Ann Grissom


Ruth Ann Grissom grew up on a farm in Montgomery County and earned degrees in journalism and social work at UNC Chapel Hill. She divides her time between Charlotte and the Uwharries.

Stories by Ruth Ann Grissom

A remarkable spring of hope

What an amazing spring!  I’ve heard that sentiment from so many people.

Finding luck in a buckeye

You’ve no doubt heard this advice – keep a buckeye in your pocket so you can rub it for luck. I can see how this shiny, lumpy “nut” became a talisman. It has grooves that beckon your thum

Dead trees can help make a healthy forest

My husband and I recently hiked the Birkhead Trail, starting at Tot Hill Road for the first time since that section was hit by a wind storm in June 2019.

Feeling harried? Watch harriers

In January, a month when birders across the state and around the world launch headlong into a rigorous endeavor called a Big Year — in which they rush around a given geographic area trying to see...

Keeping a garden journal in 2021

The end of the year is a natural time for reflection, but does anyone really want to dwell on 2020?