• Time to kayak the Uwharrie River

    We’ve finally had enough rain this spring to fill up the ephemeral pools for amphibian breeding, and (for those of you more adventure-seeking outdoors people) also to create enough flow in our rivers for kayak trips to begin. I haven’t yet made my first inaugural trip of 2011 on the Uwharrie River, but rest assured that I am itching to get out there.
  • Census 2010: Mecklenburg patterns of residential segregation

    Controversies over school closures in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County over the past year have refocused public attention on issues of race in our community. While the explosive growth of the Hispanic population has been a more recent demographic trend, the issue of residential segregation among blacks and whites has a much longer history in this community, with significant public policy implications.
  • Field work: a rewarding and challenging endeavor

    I have the opportunity to see some pretty neat stuff outdoors with my job. And although I don't have time every week, as it isn't the primary focus of my work to look for neat species, it is one of the most enjoyable activities I get to participate in, and I jump at the chance to participate in outdoor adventures whenever I can.
  • Wildflower of the Year

    This time of year, our gardens are perfect. We hole up indoors, pore over catalogues and magazines, and imagine the exemplary specimens and captivating combinations at peak performance in our borders. Alas, our gardens rarely live up to our lofty expectations.
  • Uwharrie Mountain Run 2011

    Over the river and through the woods – and in this case over and through water, rocks, roots, and mud, oh my! A couple weeks ago the Uwharries were home to the 20th annual Uwharrie Mountain Run! A true test of endurance and strength, this beloved trail run starts at the Jumpin’ Off Rock Trailhead, where runners ascend for the first mile and a half up rocky outcrops through mountain laurel and beautiful oak-hickory forests, before picking up the pace and taking on the ups and downs of the Uwharrie Trail...