• The changing face of Mecklenburg

    Mecklenburg County, N.C. is home to the state's largest city, Charlotte. Most people living in Mecklenburg County today were born outside of North Carolina. U.S. Census Bureau data estimates from 2009, released earlier this fall, put that number at just over 58 percent. The new diversity of the county has some interesting twists. For instance, more people living in the county today were born in Mexico than Pennsylvania. More residents were born in El Salvador than in Tennessee. The percent of residents born in New Jersey tops that of either Georgia or Florida.
  • Old-fashioned Winesap apples.
  • Into the wild

    The Birkhead Mountains Wilderness, an hour's drive from Charlotte, is the only federally designated wilderness area in the North Carolina Piedmont. The LandTrust for Central North Carolina is hosting a long-distance hike starting at the northern terminus of the historic Uwharrie Trail on Saturday, November 20th. The hike will start from a newly opened parking area at the northern end of the Birkhead Wilderness Area off Tot Hill Farm Road, at the Talbot Branch Trail head. Learn how you can join this hike and experience the wild, just an hour away from Charlotte.
  • Environmental Quality of Life by the Numbers

    How do you paint a picture of the region’s progress on environmental issues? The Charlotte Regional Indicators Project does it by the numbers. “Environment” is one of several areas covered by the Indicators Project, and includes quantitative measures for air, water, and land. Specifically, the indicators include: unhealthy air quality days, vehicular emissions, water consumption, impaired streams, landfill waste disposal and developed acres.