Gaston Together

May 15, 2014
Interactive data dashboards track Gaston County trends in demographics, economy, education, health and quality of life. (Graph:
Feb 24, 2014
Four agencies from Gaston County have come together to become the Gaston County data partners. These agencies include Gaston Together, Gaston College, United Way of Gaston County and Gaston Family Health Services. Support from the Community Foundation of Gaston Co., Inc. has made this resource...
Oct 16, 2012
Public health is something every community strives for.  In our region, Gaston County is no exception.  Gaston County has recently experienced a reduction in the percent of adults who are obese by raising awareness of the importance of prevention and keeping individuals healthy.
Sep 27, 2012
On behalf of Gaston Together and our data indicator partners; the United Way of Gaston County, Gaston College and Gaston Family Health Services, we welcome you to the Gaston County indicators data page. 
Sep 27, 2012
Over the past decade, Gaston County has experienced a decline in the crime rate, helping to create a safer community for residents and visitors alike.  This is good news for a county that encompasses one of the largest populations in the Charlotte region.