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"CONNECT Our Future" is a process in which communities, counties, businesses, educators, non-profits and other organizations work together to grow jobs and the economy, improve quality of life and control the cost of government in the 14-county greater Charlotte region. The metrics found on this website are the result of a three-year initiative completed in 2014 to create a regional growth framework, and to measure progress toward the realization of that framework through a set of measurable quality-of-life indicators.

"CONNECT Our Future" was made possible through a $4.9 million HUD Sustainable Communities Grant and $3 million in local in-kind public and private matching resources. Leadership was provided by the Centralina Council of Governments (NC) and the Catawba Regional Council of Governments (SC). The regional growth framework was developed through an extensive community engagement process involving public, private and non-profit organizations across the 14-county region.

CONNECT Our Future is guided by the following core values, which influenced the selection of indicators found on this website. These values were generated by extensive community input and adopted by the majority of jurisdictions within the 14-county region.

  • A Strong, Diverse Economy…that supports a wide variety of businesses and enterprises
  • Sustainable, Well-Managed Growth…that maintains quality of life, protects open space and environmental quality, retains the natural character of the region, and maximizes the efficiency of infrastructure investments
  • A Safe and Healthy Environment…with good air and water quality
  • Increased Collaboration among Jurisdictions…on issues that transcend boundaries, including growth management, transportation, and environmental concerns, in a manner that recognizes both regional and local needs
  • Enhanced Social Equity…through community leadership and cooperative volunteerism
  • High Quality Educational Opportunities…that are available to all residents

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Articles about data

  • How will the Charlotte region grow? Photo of Mecklenburg subdivision: Nancy Pierce

    Chart Charlotte region's progress toward CONNECT goals

    After three years of citizen engagement, which led to a Regional Growth Framework for the Charlotte region, the CONNECT Our Future initiative moves into implementation, including a set of 31 quality-of-life indicators, now available online.
  • Region's residents want to preserve farmland. Cheval neighborhood in Mint Hill, on site of old dairy farm. Photo: Nancy Pierce

    Region's preferred way to grow: Save rural areas, strengthen towns

    By 2050, residents in the Charlotte region would prefer to see more rural areas preserved, less suburban development and more areas that blend housing, stores and offices.
  • Have your say on area's growth

    CONNECT Our Future, a long-term regional planning process for the 14-county Charlotte region, will host several forums in March. Project organizers will ask attendees for opinions on four growth scenarios for the region. Here's how to attend one of the forums. (Photo: Nancy Pierce)
  • Charlotte-area residents invited to chart the region's future

    Charlotte-area residents will have an additional opportunity to voice their opinion on the region’s growth. A fourth Mecklenburg County workshop will be held Oct. 24 at Freedom Park as part of the  “CONNECT Our Future” planning program. (Photo: Nancy Pierce)