Find the story in the numbers. See below to explore facts about Education in the Charlotte region. See how the region's counties compare to one another and how the metro area compares to peers around the country.

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  • Mecklenburg charter schools: Maps, data and more

    Charter school students make up less than 6 percent of Mecklenburg’s public school student population. However, the county leads the state in the number of students attending charter schools. Interactive maps show where schools are and how they compare to each other.
  • High school graduation rates in CMS: A focus on the forgotten percentage

    CMS’ newly improved graduation rates, though notable, summon the school system and our community to keep asking one pertinent question: What can be done for the forgotten 25 percent of the high school student population who did not receive a diploma?
  • Preventing high school dropouts: What really works?

    Last year’s high school dropouts will cost North Carolina an estimated $4.4 billion in lost income, taxes and productivity over the students’ lifetimes, according to a recent Alliance for Excellent Education report.  Although most people understand that education level affects income, it may come as a surprise just how much of a difference a high school diploma can make for both an individual’s earnings and wealth and to the community at large.
  • Research-Informed Dropout Prevention Programs Summary Table

    As part of United Way's Collective Impact Initatiave for Children & Youth, The Larry King Center of the Council for Children's Rights conducted a comprehensive review of dropout prevention programs. This summary table presents information about research-informed dropout interventions and practices being put into action across the country.