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How to get outside in difficult weather conditions
   January 5, 2021
Crystal Cockman

In addition to everything else in 2020, we had more than our fair share of rain. In fact, by early November we had already seen 53 inches of rain in the Triad region of North Carolina, which is well over a foot above our normal rain level for an average year. Charlotte received almost 59 inches of rain in 2020, far above average as well.

For someone who enjoys outdoor recreation as a...

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Helping our community ‘push on through’ the crisis
   September 14, 2020
Jeff Michael

A family friend’s favorite saying when things get tough is “we gotta push on through.” That brief statement reflects her reluctance to put a rosy spin on difficult circumstances —  especially when the path forward isn’t always clear — but also her belief in the need to keep moving forward anyway, using the resources available to make the best of the situation.

As we approach the six-...

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Coronavirus resources: Data, maps and more
   May 19, 2020
Ely Portillo
The coronavirus pandemic has generated a flood of data, maps and other resources to track the spread — and places to get help — throughout the region. Many of these resources are scattered across different websites and dashboards. Here’s a brief summary of what’s available, collected in one place. We will update this list as the pandemic goes on. Read more

One month into the coronavirus crisis, food and housing insecurity rise
   April 15, 2020
Bridget Anderson
Since the coronavirus lockdowns began, Mecklenburg’s resource helpline has seen housing assistance requests jump 219% and food assistance jump 747%. These numbers are an indication of the dramatic impacts we’re seeing unfold on Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s economy.  Read more

Five things coronavirus could change in Charlotte
   March 30, 2020
Ely Portillo
Closed bars, restaurants and breweries. Hundreds of thousands of employees working from home while trying to home-school children. Near-empty road and no toilet paper on the shelves.  The immediate impacts from the coronavirus crisis are highly visible. But the virus could have more long-lasting and farther-reaching impacts beyond the immediate unemployment and economic disruption we’re... Read more

Five maps that show stark health disparities in Mecklenburg County
   July 9, 2019
Ely Portillo
Sharp differences in race and income are visible on a map of Mecklenburg County, generally in the familiar “crescent and wedge” pattern many Charlotteans are familiar with.   But differences are also available in other, more unexpected dimensions as well. These five maps illustrate some of the biggest disparities: In people’s health.  Read more

Jackson: Sprawling cities, towns may be killing us
   April 9, 2015
Mary Newsom
Public health expert Richard Jackson thinks it’s time to stop blaming individuals for the U.S. obesity problem. The problem, he says, is more systemic, including the auto-centric design of daily life and easy access to high-sugar and high-fat food. Read more

Building an environment for better health: Event April 8
   March 30, 2015

Depending on how they're built, our communities can make us lean, strong and happy – or overweight and depressed. That's the message public health expert Richard Jackson brings to UNC Charlotte Center City in a free event April 8. A Q-and-A interview. Read more

Wilmore wins grant to build 'edible walkway'
   June 4, 2014
Chuck McShane
Wilmore resident Kris Steele knew his neighborhood was a food desert, an area with little access to fresh food. Now he's won a $2,500 Keep Charlotte Beautiful grant to create and "edible walkway," where residents can pick fruit while they stroll. (Photo: John Chesser) Read more

Gaston agencies, foundation work with institute to create new online resource
   May 15, 2014

Interactive data dashboards track Gaston County trends in demographics, economy, education, health and quality of life. (Graph: Read more