Tracking confirmed coronavirus cases in our region
   December 14, 2020
Clayton Hanson, David Hill

This map shows the cumulative number of confirmed coronavirus cases per 100,000 residents in the 14-county region the UNC Charlotte Urban Institute serves. The number varies significantly between the counties, which could be a reflection of factors ranging from population density to how many tests have been administered. This map, and the below graphics, will be updated on a regular basis. To...

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Mapping Charlotte’s lost buildings: Demolitions on the rise again
   August 10, 2020

Nathan Griffin
Charlotte’s aging buildings are being torn down at an alarming rate, the product of a fast-growing population and strong real estate market. Read more

Coronavirus resources: Data, maps and more
   May 19, 2020
Ely Portillo
The coronavirus pandemic has generated a flood of data, maps and other resources to track the spread — and places to get help — throughout the region. Many of these resources are scattered across different websites and dashboards. Here’s a brief summary of what’s available, collected in one place. We will update this list as the pandemic goes on. Read more

New maps show Charlotte demographic trends
   September 30, 2019

New data on the Quality of Life Explorer mapping tool paint a picture of how demographics are changing across Charlotte and Mecklenburg County, as well as other measures such as bicycle friendliness, voter participation and average water consumption. Read more

Five maps that show stark health disparities in Mecklenburg County
   July 9, 2019
Ely Portillo
Sharp differences in race and income are visible on a map of Mecklenburg County, generally in the familiar “crescent and wedge” pattern many Charlotteans are familiar with.   But differences are also available in other, more unexpected dimensions as well. These five maps illustrate some of the biggest disparities: In people’s health.  Read more

Five maps that show inequality in Charlotte in surprising ways
   May 28, 2019
Ely Portillo
It turns out you can see disparities on the map in Charlotte across way more dimensions than traditional measures like household income.  Read more

Follow the Cross Charlotte Trail across this map
   June 7, 2017
Clayton Hanson
This interactive map takes you on a virtual visit along the proposed Cross Charlotte Trail, with photos, updates on construction, little-known facts and information on plans for the future. Read more

Turkeys? Pecans? Collards? Mapping your Thanksgiving meal
   November 19, 2015

Laura Simmons
Many people know North Carolina is a major turkey producer, No. 2 in the U.S. But did you know it’s tops in sweet potatoes, or that South Carolina is No. 2 for collards? A Carolina atlas for your Thanksgiving meal. Read more

Mapping ‘Latino’ in the Charlotte region
   October 22, 2015

The term “Latino,” like “Hispanic,” covers many different countries and cultures. The UNC Charlotte Urban Institute decided to map the home countries of the Charlotte region region’s foreign-born Latino immigrants. Read more

Mapping the Charlotte region’s international community
   September 8, 2015

Cat Grenfell & Laura Simmons
With a variety of international festivals opening in coming weeks, including the UNC Charlotte International Festival Oct. 17, we map where international populations are found in the region.  Read more