Center for Transportation Policy Studies

The Center for Transportation Policy Studies is dedicated to the study of transportation-related issues and policy. The objective of that research is to provide resources for transportation policy-makers in North Carolina and elsewhere. The center conducts research that results in efficient investments and sound decisions for multimodal transportation systems and services.

About the program

The Center for Transportation Policy Studies, headed by Dr. Edd Hauser, is dedicated to transportation study and research. The center serves as an invaluable resource for transportation policy-makers in North Carolina and elsewhere. The center’s objectives are to:

  1. Address issues that are relevant and timely so that the center's research can influence transportation policy;
  2. Conduct quality multidisciplinary research that is both scholarly and practical;
  3. Conduct research that affects future transportation investments and development patterns and promotes positive social change in the region and state;
  4. Disseminate completed research to professionals, practitioners, and policy-makers;
  5. Facilitate collaboration among researchers in various disciplines;
  6. Form partnerships among the university, local and state governments and private-sector transportation stakeholders.

Articles about CPTS

  • Will we ever learn from disasters?

    The March 11 earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated the northeast coastal area of Japan has highlighted the extreme vulnerability of man-made infrastructure to natural hazards.  Despite tremendous advances in engineering and construction, disasters of this magnitude lead us to question whether or not we should build infrastructure robust enough to withstand such a devastating disaster.
  • Commercial Remote Sensing Project

    The intent of this multi-year research project is to develop and validate Commercial Remote Sensing (CRS) applications that can enhance current bridge management systems (BMS). As part of the research, a prototype Integrated Remote Sensing and Visualization (IRSV) system has been developed. IRSV can serve as a remote sensing data management and decision-making tool.